Do you know the reasons the 1920s were called the “Roaring 20s?” The 1920s, right before the Great Recession of 1929 were the most economically prosperous of all time, especially in major cities. Women were given the right to vote. Mass communication, partnered with innovative inventions paved the way for motion pictures at theaters and radios in homes. Also known as the “Golden Age of Radio,” entertainment could be broadcast into homes nightly, including jazz and classical music, variety shows, kids shows and mysteries. Baseball games were now able to be heard across the nation as well. Because of this, both actors and sports figures became our first celebrities. African Americans brought jazz music to the forefront as well, introducing the “Jazz Age,” where dancing all night at a club became commonplace. Prohibition was still in effect but people still found ways to enjoy adult beverages. The 1920s, was a decade of tremendous joy, progress and prosperity.

We at the Zefer Foundation (the founders of Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe) want to commemorate the decade with a party unlike any we have ever had before!

Save the date! Saturday, October 19th , the Zefer Foundation is going to take you back in time to the “Golden Era, the Roaring 20’s with the Speakeasy Casino Night Golden Gala at O’Connor’s American Bar & Grille in Mt. Holly!

Food, top shelf open bar, live music and entertainment! This is our annual fundraiser that supports Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe, The Zefer Arts Alliance and our recreational programs. Please join us in the Inclusion Revolution! For more info and to purchase tickets, click here!

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