In short, help is needed. Your help is needed.  The opening of Breaking Grounds Coffee & Café in Mount Holly, NJ on December 1, 2017, not only shined a light on diversity and inclusion for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, but also paved the way for creating opportunities for employment for them. Aligned with the mission of the Zefer Foundation, the team at Breaking Grounds has tirelessly poured their hearts and souls into creating an environment that ensures true inclusion, acceptance, and (of course!) a great cup of coffee and comfort food with a hometown smile:)

While this closure is intended to be temporary, the last few weeks have presented additional financial distress and a difficult reality may need to be faced without the support of their community.

In short, help is needed. Your help is needed. 

New Jersey is home to nearly 9 million individuals. What are the chances of only 5,000 of them donating $5 to help maintain the vision, mission, services, and operation of Breaking Grounds Coffee & Café?  This GoFund Me account has been created in the hopes that the community they love and have poured their hearts into will extend a generous hand to make a donation.  All financial contributions will be applied to Breaking Grounds’ current financial needs, as well as their goal to reopen.


If you are unable to give, please consider sharing this request with your friends, family, and community. Thanks for your love and support!


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