In British English, “out to lunch” is used as a colloquial euphemism for “crazy”. Well, if that is the case, you would be crazy not to check out Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe for lunch! We have added some great new specials, such as

French Dip

French Dip Joyeux vendredi! A French Dip is not a swim in the Riviera… it’s a our Friday special! Made with tender beef along with melted provolone cheese, then dipping it into our delish au jus makes this a bucket list item – it’s so good, it’s like a trip to France, only better:)

Grilled Greek Chicken Panini

Doesn’t this look yummy? Greek Chicken Panini special today! Grilled chicken breast on a seeded roll with evoo, roasted yellow peppers, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese topped with balsamic glaze hot off the panini press! It’s not too late to try one today!

Chicken Caprese Salad

Delicious and healthy! Add a tuna melt sandwich  or grilled ham and cheese on giant farm house bread, and you have great choices! More specials announced daily, including soups of the day!

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