Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe was recognized as one of the exceptional businesses in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area  that employ adults with developmental disabilties. Opening a business as interactive as a coffee shop, Brandi Fishman explained, offers educational opportunities not only for the employees but also for the public that they serve.

It was also an honor to have lead off the special section of the Inquirer. Here is how the section lead off:

“Stepping up to the counter at Breaking Grounds Coffee & Café in Mount Holly, it’s refreshing to be greeted not with eye-rolling boredom of a chain store’s barista, but by the bubbly Kristin Haynie. With a bright-pink bow perched atop her head, she greets customers with a charming, infectious smile, thoughtfully leaving a bit of space at the top of even a black coffee, “so you don’t spill any on you.

You can read the rest of the article here.! If you have not come out to visit in awhile, please come see for yourself what the buzz is all about!

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