Mother. Advocate. Pioneer. Warrior. Revolutionary. Our fearless leader. Brandi Fishman was invited by the Philadelphia Ethical Society to tells her personal story, and it’s a fascinating and inspirational journey.

Titled “Warrior to Revolutionary, My Story,” Brandi Fishman’s detailed her journey involving disability, acceptance, perception and advocacy, including her work with the Zefer Foundation.

Named after her daughter’s nickname, the Zefer Foundation’s mission was as follows: Providing individuals with developmental disabilities with the benefits and opportunity to improve their quality of life, gain employment and have meaningful participation in the community.

The first goal of the mission was to create a business where adults with developmental disabilities could have a home. The goal was to have young adults transition into the workforce, using their unique skills to help foster a loving, functional staff and give the young adult some self-confidence and independence.

Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe opened its doors in December of 2017. We believe we have created exactly what we set out to do, with Brandi Fishman leading the way! Her passion and dedication to the cause has helped us make our first business venture a success.

Hearing Brandi’s story, you will hear how the birth of her child, Zoey, was the genesis for all of this and the reason for her mission, the Inclusion Revolution! Listen to Brandi’s speech here.

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