Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe provides extraordinary individuals the opportunity for gainful employment in a supportive and progressive work environment.
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Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe provides inclusion, diversity and opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities, located in Mount Holly, NJ. Oh, and the best coffee in a comfortable setting.

Brandi E. Fishman,

  • The Best Coffee
    The Best Coffee
    Learn how & where to buy the best whole bean coffee so you can find some of the best tasting and most flavorful coffees you could possibly imagine.
  • The Beginning
    The Beginning
    In taking a risk in opening our dream coffee shop, we also made some important decisions before getting started with our coffee business that led to their success: planning, researching, and develop their coffee shop business concept.
  • Our Goal
    Our Goal
    Providing not only adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain employment, but also serving the best coffee in a comfortable setting.
  • Only the Freshest
    Only the Freshest
    If you pick up a handful of coffee beans and they leave a residue on your hands — or if you can see residue on the inside of a bag of beans — that means they are oily, and hence, freshly roasted.
Nestled in Mill Race Village in Mount Holly, NJ and just a short walk from Robin’s Nest Restaurant, Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe serves the finest coffee and teas, as well as great eats.

The coffee is roasted fresh and roasted locally by Harvest Roastery in Medford, NJ. We hire developmentally disabled adults.The Mill Race Village is part of an historic restoration neighborhood preservation project and a haven for entrepreneurs, artisans and professionals alike. The Mill Race Shops offer a wide variety of collectibles, one-of-a-kind, hand-made items, fine art, jewelry, clothes, books, accessories and furniture for those seeking distinctive and unusual wares for your home, your loved ones, and of course yourself!

Inclusion, Diversity, Opportunity

What We Are About

The mission of the Zefer Foundation is to shift society’s perception of individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We will accomplish this by collaborating with individuals and agencies to create unprecedented opportunities for inclusion and diversity in the areas of employment, housing and recreation.

Benefits of Retail Stores:
  • Offers employment opportunities with competitive wages
  • Improves feelings of well-being and self-esteem
  • Provides opportunity that would otherwise not exist, expanding life experiences
  • Provides participation in the community-engaging with others
  • Provides opportunities to make new friends and develop new relationships
Benefits of Retail Stores for the Community:
  • Provides the community with a richer, more diverse environment
  • Provides the satisfaction of supporting a business that provides valuable opportunity to an under served population
  • 70% of the employees will be residents of the community
  • Provides jobs to local High School students
  • Promotes kindness, acceptance and inclusion in the community
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We Are Powered

By the Diverse

Everybody needs to feel good about themselves, but children on the spectrum have less opportunities for that. There is a place for them, no matter how disabled they are.

Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe proudly brews Harvest Coffee. Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe always provides fresh, quality, specialty coffees. We serve a number of different brews that have light, medium, and dark bodies, along with different background notes. Stop in and see which is your favorite!

To apply for a job, download an application below. Fill out application and email us here.
What Our Clients Say


Sun Coles

Love it here!!! Breaking Grounds is an absolute gem of an establishment. From employing adults with disabilities, to providing awesome customer service, and not to mention their awesome coffee - it's a feel good place that is the HEART of Mt Holly.

Debbie Oehrle Tatum

Friendly staff, great mission, beautiful eclectic town, simple but quaint. A fun New home town hang out!

Dennis McDonald

Great coffee and friendly service. A wonderful new addition to Mount Holly.

Marlene McCormick Ferris

Such a cozy and friendly shop. I enjoyed the Brazilian coffee that was ground fresh for me. And a special thanks to Mr. Bowyer for the creative painting that I purchased at the Cafe. I love watercolors. The gift cards I bought helped to make my shopping list shorter. I can't wait for the sandwiches.

Wendy Spock Ringel

Everything about the place is amazing - great customer service, comfy little nooks to drink coffee, tasty coffee and tea - AND a great cause to support. They rocked their grand opening and I am sure they will continue to be awesome!

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Frequent Sipper

Visit Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe and pick up a Frequent Sipper card. Purchase a coffee and get your card stamped. Buy nine coffees on the card and get your 10th coffee free!  We also encourage our customers to “pay it forward” and donate a FREE coffee to an anonymous coffee drinker!

PLUS: Catering available upon request! Coffee, Pastry Trays,
Bagel Trays & More! Call Brandi Fishman at (609) 224-7532!
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